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Various Health Benefits Of Drinking Yerba Mate Tea

Various Health Benefits Of Drinking Yerba Mate Tea

People feel refreshed when they have a sip of coffee or tea. Certain drinks help to boost our energy level. South American drink Yerba Mate tea instead of the usual caffeine drinks. The yerba mate tea offers you with various health benefits. You need to know the yerba mate recipe before understanding the various benefits of the tea. It is similar in taste to the green tea and prepared using hot water. The tea offers the strength equivalent to a caffeine drink. It is rightly called as the drink of the Gods due to its health benefits. webmd.com published an article which detailed about the goodness of drinking tea.

Yerba Mate is a traditional tea which is prepared using the dry leaves of holly plant. It is one of the native plants of South America. Drinking a cup of yerba mate is common during a social event. Yerba mate is the National drink of Argentina. The consumption of the tea increases worldwide due to its various health benefits. The article highlights the significant health benefits of the yerba mate tea.

Enhances Energy
By drinking yerba mate tea regularly you can feel the difference in your energy level. It boosts your energy and prevents you from getting tired. It is one of the most effective stimulants which offer a balanced boost to your energy. You will remain alert throughout the day. It does not affect your sleep. Sports people especially athletes drink yerba mate regularly to improve their performance. It is a perfect drink for people who suffer from fatigue. Yerba mate also contains caffeine in it. But the caffeine does not result in any side effects.

Boosts Mental Functions
Regular intake of yerba mate tea helps you stay focused and creative in your work. The caffeine present helps to improve your memory and keeps you alert. It helps to stimulate the production of dopamine a neurotransmitter. Theobromine and theophylline are the two other components present in the yerba mate tea. They act as a mild stimulant to your mental functions. It is said that the tea is an excellent drink which offers better mental performance. People prefer yerba mate as it is not addictive as coffee.

Nutrition Powerhouse
Yerba mate is the storehouse of all the essential nutrients required to lead a healthy life. It contains the necessary vitamins, minerals, and micronutrient that keeps you healthy.The tea also contains various amino acids. The following are the mineral and vitamins present in yerba mate tea.
· Vitamin A, C, E
· Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5
· Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, potassium, selenium
· Sodium, sulfur, zinc, manganese, selenium
The tea also contains certain phytonutrients such as tannins, chlorophyll, and flavonoids

Traditional Medicinal Benefits
The tea is known for its various traditional medicinal benefits. Yerba mate is an effective stimulant, digestive aid and can be used for weight loss. It is also used to kill cancer cells. The tea keeps your heart healthy.

Boosts The Immune System
The tea consists of a compound called saponin. This element acts as an emulsifier which improves your immune system. Saponin also consists of anti-inflammatory properties.

The above are the various health benefits of drinking yerba mate tea regularly.

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